Understanding Elephant Welfare in Thailand – 6 Top Tips

Elephant Welfare in Thailand

How to be an Elephant-Friendly Tourist in Thailand

At The Bush Camp Chiang Mai, we prioritise the welfare of our elephants by providing a safe and sustainable environment. At Elephant Hills there is no elephant riding permitted in our park, and these majestic creatures are treated with kindness and respect. Additionally, through the use of environmentally friendly practices, we make sure the natural world around us is also nurtured and protected.

Elephant Welfare

Responsible Tourism and Captive Elephant Welfare in Thailand

Guests at our camp have a chance to experience the world of Thai elephants firsthand and learn more about elephant welfare. Our experienced mahouts provide care for these endangered Asian elephants by helping them to lead healthy, happy lives.

Visitors can get close to and interact with these gentle giants through unique activities such as bathing and feeding. Finally, you’ll also have an opportunity to observe the incredible bond between elephants and their mahouts and gain a greater understanding of what it takes to ensure an elephant’s well-being.

Protecting The Local Environment

The State of Elephant Welfare in Thailand: Facts, Figures & Future Outlook

Elephants were long used in the logging industry until 1989 when it was banned by law. With elephants able to eat over 200kg of food per day, alternative ways to provide for them had to be found and many began working in the tourism industry at places like Elephant Hills and The Bush Camp Chiang Mai. Elephants are now kept in a safe and caring environment, allowing visitors to witness their natural behaviours while safeguarding the welfare of these magnificent creatures.

Visit our park to learn more about how we secure the safety and well-being of these special animals!

The Bush Camp Chiang Mai

Elephant Welfare in Thailand: Causes and Solutions

For elephant welfare, The Bush Camp Chiang Mai Elephant Experience eliminates the need for elephant riding. By providing a nature park and interactive experiences with elephants, visitors have the opportunity to spend time with these majestic creatures while respecting the animal’s natural behaviour and environment. With their unique concept established in 2010, The Bush Camp Chiang Mai has offered an alternative to elephant riding that is much more respectful and beneficial for elephants.

Our establishment strives to guarantee the highest level of elephant welfare while our guests experience an interactive adventure they won’t forget. As part of each tour, guests will get to observe the elephants up close before inviting them to bathe in our unique mud pool and feeding them. Finally, the elephants are released back into their large pen where they can graze, play and interact in their natural environment.

Elephant Conservation

The Reality of Elephant Tourism in Thailand

Elephant welfare is of utmost importance in Thailand, with many dedicated efforts being taken to ensure the highest quality of care for these majestic creatures. Elephants typically spend their days being cared for by a team of knowledgeable and experienced mahouts and indulging in activities like eating, bathing and playing. Visitors can also join in these unforgettable activities while enjoying an up-close experience with the “gentle giants” of Thailand.

How can I help?

  • Check out our Elephant Conservation Project helping other elephants in Thailand; both domestic and wild populations.
  • Find out how you can help us plant trees to aid wild elephants in Kaeng Krung National Park

Elephant Hills Thailand

Improving Elephant Welfare in Thailand

The Bush Camp Chiang Mai is owned and operated by Elephant Hills Co Ltd, an award-winning elephant park in Southern Thailand which has successfully run Thailand’s First Luxury Tented Camps for over 10 years.

Our parent company Elephant Hills in Khao Sok national park (Southern Thailand), has been recognised multiple times for its commitment to animal welfare. In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, they won the prestigious Thailand Green Excellence Award due to their efforts in providing a natural environment for Asian elephants. The award was presented by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Wanderlust magazine, who also named them ‘Highly Commendable’ in terms of Animal Welfare. Elephant Hills are proud of these recognitions and most importantly remains committed to bettering the lives of Asia’s largest land animal.

To ensure that the highest standards of welfare are met, Elephant Hills in Khao Sok national park (Southern Thailand) has also achieved a perfect rating from Global Spirit – Animals in Tourism during a two-week audit. We believe that this is due to our commitment to providing a one-of-a-kind experience with our elephants; from watching them play at our giant bath, to feeding and polishing them with coconut fibres.

Ethical Elephant Experience

Our Ethical Elephant Tours

The Bush Camp Chiang Mai is a magical location with breathtaking views right on the Ping river. During your 2-day stay, you will be able to observe traditional Northern Thai lifestyle and sample the exquisite local cuisine. This unique opportunity also includes an up-close encounter with our beloved free-roaming pachyderms. At The Bush Camp, we are committed to providing exceptional standards of care for these gentle giants so you can enjoy a responsible, hands-off elephant experience.

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