The Grave from the bronze age

Mr. Sayan Prishanchit, archaeologist of the department for fine arts, made an interesting find discovering a grave from the bronze age.

Together with Dr. Marielle Santoni and Dr. Jean Pierre Pautrean, archaeologists from France, they created a joint Thai-French project in February 1985 to showcase the excavations.

The grave is elongated in form and in total 2 meters long, 0.85 meters wide and approximately 0.4-0.5 meters deep.

It contains an incomplete skeleton of a young adult with 32 teeth, an arm and leg bones, while the rest of the body has disappeared.

On both sides of the body, attached to the arm bones, the scientists found bracelets made of bronze- a total of 9 bracelets on the left and 5 on the right side.

Additionally, lower on the body, two bended and broken bronze bracelets were discovered.

Interestingly, each side of the body also has a bracelet made of seashells attached and close to the corpse a string of beads made of seashells and Carnelian stones were found.

In the lower part of the grave, near the position of the feet, a large quantity of broken pottery like vases and bowls were scattered around.

The grave and skeleton are archaeological and historically important for North-Thailand. At present the findings are displayed in the National M